How can you improve the experience of interacting with a website?

What was the Challenge ?

In logistics there hasn’t been much happening in the last 10 years. Still, when you need new clients, the best way to communicate is to keep up with the modern times. Anastasia Spedition needed a new image, adapted to the modern times and design. Our role was to reconnect a brand with tradition with a fresh public with modern needs.


In the case of a website that wants to show the image for a company with a well-defined technical profile, the most important challenge was to keep everything simple, still appealing to touch in navigation and interaction. Because we know that the information needs to be accessible and available, but interesting enough so that your attention is being kept on the site.

Choose the right words


At Celmaitare, less is indeed more when it comes to design, as well as words. A simple website should give smooth explanations, while the simple language should be appealing to the search engines. The key words must be intelligently inserted in each paragraph in which the services are presented. But that means to know how to take advantage of what Google can do for you and your business.

You don’t have to Communicate

To keep everything simple is Anastatsia brand’s identity. This is what we kept in the presentation catalogue: simplicity through monochromic textures, adding some warm touch through some vivid but subtle and well-chosen colours.

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