Tailor-made means nothing to modify

The brief of this catalogue came from Tempini, a brand with undoubtful value in Europe in the interior design field. The design couldn’t have been different: the chromatics has been kep, the presentation rules have been respected as in the Tempini branding manual and a story has been created in which Tempini to be presented as a well positioned brand.

From once upon a time till the last detail

Contemporary and rebel and the first two words that popo up when talking about Tempini. When you have a high end product, all you can you do keeping all the rest in the background, so that the beautiful stands out.

This catalog was designed to reach clients and partners. In order to respect Tempini’s position, we had to use a fitted language. Neither stiff, neither too pretentious, but high class. Boring is out of question. Therefore, we had to use a story that reflected the history of an enormous company but make it appealing: a human story about a family business to a mature brand.

100 years in a nutshell

100 years fit in 30 pages. Not an easy mission taking as there wasn’t only history but also all that Tempini had to show off. We’ve told the story of how it all began, what role they have in their field, who are their prestigious partners and what are the used promoting tools. 

The design of the catalogue began with this brief and taking into account the not so bright colours and gri shades, we decided to give it a glimpse of a fairy tale book. Remembering The Grimm Brothers children books, all their stories began with a capital letter. We’ve used that concept in order to introduce the  company’s history, spotted in a concise and relevant chronology. 

The partnerships were presented as the client requested, as logos while the images with projects were chosen in monochromatics. Black and white kept their reputation of giving the impression of eternity. We wish the same to Tempini’s projects. 

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