The accent makes the difference

Teodor Winery are an initiative of bringing the refined sommeliers a pretentious variety. Out of the well taken care of harvests, as well as the focus on small details, Mr. Teodor’s passion was born: the wine. A classy attitude was the landlord’s main idea in choosing the most suitable image for the winery. 

The new visual identity entailed fine and elegant tones, with subtle elements that could describe the passion as well as the tradition that contributed to the development of this craft. Simplicity is the key concept in the Celmaitare design trademark. Minimalism expresses an infinity of subtleties, especially if it’s about a logo. 

Intense but refined tones

The etiquette was illustrated so that it created harmony in between elements. Combined with the characteristics of the ones that gave life to this brand. The wineyard, the delicacy and the commitment of the ones making a high standard, high quality and subtle wine. All these define a limited edition of truly special wines, with a story to tell. 

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