Building a new image through Rebranding

The basis of a brand’s image is credibility. A construction company, with a strong portfolio, needed image adjustments, in line with market requirements. At any level, if the logo and the color of the company doesn’t reflect the proficiency of that company, you risk sending contradictory messages. VIB Management has been paying attention to these signals. That’s why they contacted us, specialists in chromatics, image and branding. As the ideal collaboration means letting each one do what he is best at.

The same, but different

Integrating the needs and the redesign requirements of the client, we’ve kept the visual identity that already made of VIB Management a brand. Thinking of perspective, we’ve adjusted all the image details so that it looked as contemporary as possible, in line with the accelerated evolution of the company.

As everything starts with the visual perception, when you want something fresh for an already known company, you have to have a little courage. We saw orange as a potential stimulator for looking forward. Contrast builds power, especially when you have a strong black as an ally. Put an orange dot and start building an elegant image of a powerful company. We know how small details can do magic.

A clean design making a clear difference

Celmaitare believes in the power of transparency. We like clean, simple, easily navigable visual identities. You know right away that you’re in safe hands. Especially when you’re dealing with a construction site. You don’t want your visitors to leave before they see the base. That’s why we chose clarity, also due to the fact that the portfolio spoke for itself. Top companies, big projects: a business card visible first hand. Elegance from the foundation.

This is how we work.


Visual identity means coherence. And when you rebrand, you don’t want people to identify you with the old logo. This is where we intervened. From the visual identity of the site to everything related to stationery, letterheads, business cards or folders, the new image was already much more vivid and attractive. Dynamics at its best.

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