Dental implants as an online resources

Zimmer is a powerful company in the dental industry, with over half a century innovations. As a brand that does a highly professional job in the filed of dental implantology, Zimmer wanted to promote their business through raising its visibility in the digital space. Business class dental implants in a cool website. Obiviously natural. And as their publics are both medicals as well as non professionals, we had to use a language that would satisfy both of the crowds.

The Approach

We thought about giving a human touch to the image of a dental implant (it’s not something you would want to fantasise in the night), therefore we came with the proposal of using social networks together with a SF looking website.

What we did

We’ve made out the concept of design a common language and an ally out of shades. Keeping calm in a technical environment, we’ve given life to a serious but friendly website. We felt inspired to inspire trust in rough procedures. Because Zen is needed, especially in the medical world.



In the musical pause between notes you can listen to an infinity of sounds. In design we use spaces as contrast generators. We’ve played with spaces and proportions. We’ve brought attention towards shapes. We’ve reached the detail. Space and air.


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